Rust Update

So es ist mal wieder soweit. Rust hat geupdated. Folgendes ist neu bzw. gefixt worden.

Hi guys, We have a patch for you all which addresses some serious issues and provides some clientside improvements, check it out :

  • fixed airdrops – they will now spawn around noon daily!
  • fixed foundations destroying immediately upon placement and other issues where things would decay too quickly
  • fixed armor exploit where broken armor would not unequip if your inventory was full – you’ll just drop it now if it can’t fit
  • fixed extreme shadow flickering in buildings
  • fixed smoke signal not being influenced by lighting
  • fixed the fade from black starting too late after respawn
  • fixed the floating grass bug
  • fixed the first command entered into the console not working on OSX
  • tweaked tree billboard colors to better fit their mesh colors
  • added more control over image effects using the gfx console convars
  • gfx.ssaa true/false (enable/disable screen space anti-aliasing)
    gfx.grain true/false (enable/disable radiation grain effect)
    gfx.shafts true/false (enable/disable sun shafts)
    gfx.damage true/false (enable/disable damage indicators)

  • added the console convar render.frames to limit the maximum fps to render
  • made lower quality levels automatically disable some image effects for better performance
  • added render.distance (0-1, default 0.2) to adjust the draw distance
    this is currently only affecting the static rock
  • enabled anisotropic filtering for terrain, road, rocks and building textures if quality level is above 50%
  • improved cloud synchronization to reduce situations where clouds have to jump around
  • As you all know we’re working on some bigger features and we hope to have them complete soon. Stay tuned!

    Server war auch kurz weg und ist wieder da 🙂

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